Why living at Parklakes 2 is so great! | Parklakes

Living in Parklakes 2 is great, just ask anyone who lives here.

Sure, there’s the leafy green streets, fresh, cool breeze and family friendly community, but it’s the lifestyle factor that really has residents eager to step outside their doors and get amongst nature.

When asking residents Mick and Marg about moving to Parklakes 2, they both agreed it was about finding the perfect lifestyle.

“I love the environment that we are in, how close it is to everything – it just meets all my expectations,” Mick says.

Marg agreed, saying she enjoys a daily walk through the streets and lakes. “I do get up very early in the morning, so it’s lovely just to experience nature and be able to enjoy it because it’s warm.”

Another resident, Chris, who just moved to his second home at Parklakes 2, says he wouldn’t want to live anywhere else.

“There are so many things here that just give you a sense of community and that it is a safe place,” Chris says. “The streets are open, there are beautiful views, and there is a central park that everyone can get to.”

Parklakes 2 builders coordinator Nathan Squassoni believes it is the sense of space that makes people want to live here.

“The development is set amongst beautiful trees and the addition of three beautiful lakes, which makes it feel like you’re a million miles away, while still being only 15 minutes to the CBD.”