The Environmental Benefits of Parklakes 2 | Parklakes

It’s hard to believe Parklakes 2 used to be cane fields.

But when reflecting on the environmental benefits of the significant urban development, Covey Associates environmental manager Dr Chris Walker says even he was surprised.

“Concerning ecological diversity, before there was almost none; it was generally just cane fields, more or less a monoculture. It served an agricultural purpose, but didn’t necessarily enhance the environment. Now we have an incredible array of native vegetation that would not be here if not for the development.”

More than 20,000 trees and 180,000 ground covers were planted as part of the Parklakes 2 development over the past three years.

A strategic bushfire management plan maintained the surrounding bushland, which enables residents to enjoy the natural aspect while feeling safe from potential hazards.

“The preserved bushland area that surrounds the development, as well as the vegetation planted throughout Parklakes 2, acts to soften the urban nature of the community and creates an amazing backdrop to the estate,” he said.