Parklakes 2 Bli Bli - Maroochy River Jetty

Bli Bli´s hidden treasures

There are so many amazing things to do in Bli Bli that not many people know about with places such as Dunethin Rock, Dunethin Lake or as the locals call it the Frying pan and the old cane train bridge over the Maroochy River, known for catching Herrings.

Dunethin Rock only minutes from Parklakes 2 is a beautiful spot to set up a romantic picnic or a picnic with the family and look out over the beautiful Maroochy River, Mount Eerwah, Ninderry and Coolum in the distance.

Many of you have most likely heard of Dunethin Rock but many don’t know that Lake Dunethin or the frying pan exists, it is the perfect spot to stop and drop a line, have a family picnic or even go out for a bit of a canoe with only being 6 minutes from Parklakes it is perfect family outing without having to drive to far.

Just off of Camp Flat Road there is a dirt road that is surrounded by sugar cane and will take you to a very old cane train bridge built over 100 years ago.

Come down to have a look and we will happily show you around to see these wonderful spots. It is amazing what you have right in your backyard at Parklakes.